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Super six show, Sphynx Cat Club

Telford city, UK, 31th of March 2018

Our girl Merloni Fruitella did really well and got a 1st and a CC in the Bucks, Oxon & Berks and got a 1st, CC and BOB in the Sphynx Cat Club Show. Which means that she is now a Champion also with 1 CC to spare. She then went forward to win best Sphynx adult for the Sphynx cc and then Best in Show.

70th Championship Show, Lancashire Cat Club

Sandbach city, UK 10th of March 2018

Merloni Fruittella got her second CC BOB and BOV foreign adult and won all her side classes!

International Cat Show FIFe LFA Bubaste

Vilnius, Lithuania 3-4th of March 2018

Our boy Merloni Eminezh at FIFe Show of Lithuanian Felinology association "Bubast?" in Vilnius got his third CACIB, and officially hes now IC International Champion FIFe ?

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club Show

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club of Great Britain 24th of February 2018.

Our graduate Merloni Fruitella got her first CC at her first show in Royal Leamington Spa city, United Kingdom

Supreme Cat Show

Marston Green, UK 22th of october 2016

Our graduate Merloni Ruggles gained his 3rd cc in as many shows and is now a champion at 10 months

Bucks and Oxon championship show, Sphynx Cat Club

Reading, UK 17th of september 2016

Our graduate Merloni Rugless had success at the Sphynx Cat Club and Bucks and Oxon championship show . Ruggles first time competing as an adult at just over 9 months and won BOB in both shows and Best in Show Adult at the SCC. He came home with an armful of Rosettes , 2 CC's , bags full of goodies.

Three Counties Cat Society, 50th Anniversary Show

Eastleigh, UK 13th of august 2016

Our graduate Merloni Ruggles had success at his first show in UK and became Best of Breed.

International Cat Show WCA Nika Center.

4th of April 2015

Our young male Merloni Saigon had first places in all finals, got title International Champion and became BEST OF BEST cat of this show!

Expo Canelli FIFE/ANFI

Italy, 11-12 April 2015

Our graduate Merloni You Are My Princess of PurrWrinklesSky CAC ex1 at both days. Congratilation Jessica and Loris!

International Cat Show WCA

Russia 10.11.2013

Judges: Georgios Petrovas (), Gundars Naglis (), Helen Chernove (Russia), Ludmila Oganesyan (Russia)
Our kitten MERLONI FIDEL - first places in all finales and BEST OF BEST KITTEN of this show!

Our new male Ellegiya De Liz Pegas got title International Champion.

TickedTICA Cat Club

Swanley, Kent, UK March 7-9, 2014

Our kitten Merloni Blackberry had good results on Cat's show in UK
First day 6 rings: 2nd BOB - 4 times; 3rd BOB - 2 times
Second day 7 rings: 2nd BOB - 1 time; 3rd BOB - 3 times
Congratilation new owner! Great start!

International cat's show "Voronezh autum 2013"

Voronezh, Russia 28-29th of September 2013

Our kitten Merloni Chelsie on cat's show AFC 28-29 of September - WINNER of this show!
1 Best on ring All breed young
1 Best on ring bald cats
1 Best in color
Best of Breed
Best kitten
Best kitten all breed.
Our awards from this show.
Best sphynx 29.09.2013

Merloni Wonder Valencia - 2th Best of Best Kitten of this Cat Show.

Inernational Cat Show (Fredrikstad)

Norway, 8th of April 2013

Merloni Persia got her first CAC in a show in Fredrikstad, Norway.

International Cat Show WCA Nika Center.

24th of November 2012

Judges: Elena Chernova(AB), Nadejda Rumyantseva(AB), Lyudmila Oganesyan(AB), Irina Tokmakova(AB)
Three our cats took part in this Cats Show - two our kittens Merloni Top Benefit and Merloni Ru* Damir and our new male Moon Pet X*Winnetou.
All our cats had big success so we got a lot awards and gifts. Our harvest from this show :)

Merloni Top Beneffit - Best of Breed on all rings, 1st and 2nd places in all finals and as a result 1st BEST OF BEST KITTEN of this Cat Show!
1th Best Kitten AB
AB finale on ring E.Chernova
Best of Best Kitten!

Our other kitten Merloni Ru*Damir was 2nd Best of Breed losing 1st place to our kitten Beneffit. Damir had all finals on all four allbreed rings too. As a result, he entered into a main Best in Show final and became 7th Best of Best Kitten at this Cat Show among all breeds!!!

Our male Moon Pet Winnetou - 1st Best Sphynx, 8th Best of Best Adult and got title ICH.
Best Sphynx!
Best in Show.

International Cat Show AFC

29-30th of September 2012

Our female Murashoff Viva La Vida - Best Female SPH, Best Sphynx and Champion of Breed AFC Cat Show.

International Cat Show "Zooterra-2011"

24-25th of December, Russia

Merloni Hot Boy - 1 place in Sphynx Show, Best Sphynx Kitten, Best kitten 5 group.
Merloni Busseta - 2 place in Sphynx Show, Best Sphynx Junior.
1 Best in Sphynx Show
Busseta in Sphynx Show
Best Sphynx Junior
Best kitten 5 group

6th Open Championship MFA

8-9th of October, Voronezh

Merloni Busseta 3*Ex1, nom BIS, BEST JUNIOR
Merloni Jordan 3*Ex1, nom BIS, BEST KITTEN
Judge Kameneva with Jordan
Jordan at cat show
Jordan at Best in Show
Busseta's awards

International Cat Show in Switzerland

Switzerland, 20th of November 2010

At the WCF Cat Show in Switzerland our kitten Merloni Opera (owner Federica Ballerini) became Best Opposite Sex Kitten in 3 category!
Merloni Opera in final

CFA All Cat Show

3-4th of Jule 2010, Japan

Our son Merloni Dionis of Beauty Exotica (owner Svetlana Tsapko, Japan) take part at CFA All Breed Cat Show and had four finals:
6rd Best Cat SH at two rings and 3rd Best Shorthair Champion at two rings.

"World Cat Show", WCF

26th of June, Moscow

Our sphynx son MERLONI ZEUS has got title WCH - WORLD CHAMPION WCF!!!
Many thanks to his owners Svetlana and Dmitri for wonderful show career for our sweet boy!

International Cat Show "Expo Cat", CFA and WCA

3-4th October 2009, Moscow, Russia

3th October 2009 - CFA SHOW
Nancy Dodds (USA)-7 Best Kitten Allbreed
Liz Watson (USA)- 8 Best Kitten Allbrred

4th October 2009 - WCA SHOW
Nancy Dodds (USA)- 2 Best Kitten Allbreed
Liz Watson (USA)- 8 Best Kitten Allbrred
Tatarchenko Tatyana - 5 Best Kitten Allbrred

In final Merloni Elenkion became 5 BEST OF BEST KITTEN WCA Cat Show.
Final from Nancy Dodds.
Best in Show!
Our awards from Expo-Cat

Cats Show FFP on Philippines Erin .

Philippines, 9-10th of May 2009

Merloni Talisman (owner Alex Madrilejo) got the title Ph CH - Philippine Champion at the Show on Philippines.
Yukimasa Hattori (TICA Master Judge) - 3rd Best Cat in Show.
Erin Brown (Australia) - 5th Best Cat in Show.
Best Yukimasa Hattori
Best from Erin Brown

TICA SHOW "Babysalon 2008"

20-21th of September, Moscow, Russia

Our female PinUpCats Paper Moon became CH TICA at first show day!
She was First Best Sphynx at five rings, Second Best Sphynx at three rings and had two finals: 5th Best Cat Allbreed and 9th Best Cat Allbreed.

International WCF Cat Show

7-8th June 2008, Voronezh, Russia

Our new female PinUpCats Paper Moon from PINUPCATS CATTERY (USA) had big success on first Russian Cat Show.
She became Best Opp. Sex and 2 Best cat of WCF ring.

13-14th October 2007, Moscow, Russia

6 rings of CFA SHOW

13-14th October in Moscow was very large Cats show "Cup Hills 2007". Mr.Sunshine showed at CFA and had three finals:
6th BEST KITTEN AB - Liz Watson (USA)
6th BEST KITTEN AB - Vicki Abelson (USA)
7th BEST KITTEN AB - Wayne Trevathan (USA)
And then Mr.Sunshine became 9th BEST KITTEN in general final CFA Allbreed!

TICA SHOW Nice to meet you

15-16th September 2007, Moscow, Russia

Our male OPUSONE MR.SUNSHINE had big success on his first show TICA in Moscow. We have such results:
BEST KITTEN SH - Vija Klucniece(Latvia)
5th BEST KITTEN AB - Connie Webb(USA)
7th BEST KITTEN AB - Massimo Picardello(Italy)

Elite cat-show "Champions' Cup 2006"

28th of October, 2006, Moscow

50 the most titled cats from all region of the Russia (the frequentative Champions of the World and Europe, the best cats all breeds in Europe and in the world) were going in Moscow that struggle for main prize - the car!

International judge Oliga Sizova has chosen 50 finalists cats only for participation in this show from much application. At this year the good luck smiled to cats from Moscow, Thulium, Barnaul, Voronezh, Samarium, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk.

Our male EGCH Enneking Zherar Le-Grand Oray was selected in number of finalists for participation in Cup Champion 2006.

As a result our male EGCH Enneking Zherar Le-Grand Oray became the SECOND BEST CAT ALL BREED of Cup Champion 2006 and has got the prize home movie-theatre. Also we have got the ensemble other gifts from sponsors and much positive emotion.

Please look as passed Cup Champion 2006 - simply going on reference:

The First Open Championship MFA in Chernozemye

9th of September 2006, Voronezh

9th of September 2006 in Voronezh was the first open championship MFA. There we showed our kitten MERLONI IMHOTEP. Judges liked our kitten very much, he had two BIS nomination from judge Yemelyanova (AB WCF) and Korolyova (AB WCF) and become "The Best Junior" of the breed.

WCA show "NIKA CENTER", in collaboration with the CFA, Moscow

9th of April 2006, Moscow

Our male Enneking Zherar become 3th best allbreed cat at final Betty White's (CFA) and the 7th best allbreed cat at final A. Savin
Rewaring on BETTY WHITE's ring (photo by A. Shtourman)
Our winnings

International cats show "Commonwealth-2006"

18-19th of March, 2006, Moscow

On this show we were showing our male ENNEKING ZHERAR at CFF. Zherar was shown in Provisional class, he has got the title BEST PROVISIONAL, and the title 4BEST CAT on the ring of Carl-Heinz Knelangen and Andreas Kretschmer on the second day of the show.
We're in the final
Our winnings from "Commonwealth-2006"

International cat show "Commonwealth-Grand-Prix Royal Canin (WCF)

3-4th of December, 2005, Moscow

On this show we shown our kitten Merloni Furry Elise in kittens' class at WCF system. Judges liked our girl very much and she was two Best nominated.

- Mark "excellent 1"
- 1st place
- Two nominations for "Best in Show"
"show-quality, show-personality"
Our rewards

International all-breed show "Sodruzhestvo" (WCF)

30th of October, 2005 Voronezh

Our male Zherar was showed in European Champion class. He was nominated at Best in Show and won the title Best of Best, becoming the BEST CAT of this Show.

Show WCA NIKA CENTER in collaboration with the CFA, Moscow

9th of October 2005

Our male Zherar was two BEST nomination, including by CFA judge Jeri Zatolli (USA) and successfull won the title of European Champion
Our awards.

Sphynx monobreed show "Sunrise Show", Assolux, Moscow

March, 2005, Moscow

At this show two of our cats were shown: male Enneking Zherar and female Slay Fox Rozalia

Zherar won the title "The Best Interchampion", was nominated for Best of Best three times and won the title GRAND CHAMPION ASSOLUX.

Slay Fox Rozalia also got to the final and won the title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
Zherar in the final

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