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Best greetings to you from MERLONI SPHYNX CATTERY and its owner Uryvskaya Irina!

On the Merloni Sphynx attery web-site you can find intresting information about unique breed naked cats - the Canadian sphynx, learn history of the Sphynx breed, see pictures of our adult sphynx cats and our little sweet sphynx kittens for sale, pictures our cats and kittens from cat's shows. Hope you enjoy it and will visit us again. Welcome to our pages Facebook:@merlonisphynx Instagram:sphynxcattery_merloni

We work with sphynx breed from 2002 Always in our cattery we have sphynx kittens different colors, breed/show quality born from parents of the best blood lines of Europe, USA and Canada. All our breeding sphynx cats scanned for HCM before breeding and free from HCM. Our cattery breeding SPHYNX only. We haven't in our cattery any new experimental bald races. When we choose new breeding cats, we check blood lines for existence any new mutations much carefully. So if you buy kitten in our cattery you can be sure that you buy lines free from any new mutations - short legs, ears bent and other. Our cattery located in RUSSIA, Voronezh city. But our kittens live in different countries. We offer the worldwide shipping to any point of the world. We will glad if one of our sweet kitten become your best friend.

13/09/2018Today our cats visited a cardiologist for HCM testing
Merloni Ultimo Rossy, age 4 years old - HCM normal
Merloni Busseta, age 7 years old - HCM normal
Ellegiya de liz Pegas, age 6 years old - HCM normal
Goliaf Dark Diamond, age 2 years old - HCM normal
01/06/2017Today our cats visited a cardiologist for HCM testing
MERLONI CHELSIE, d/b 08.05.2013 - test HCM 01/06/2017 - normal
MERLONI SAIGON, d/b 05.11.2013- test HCM 01/06/2017 - normal
MERLONI MOON SHADOW, d/b 10.12.2013- test HCM 01/06/2017 - normal
EVA ARIA, d/b 08.10.2015- test HCM 01/06/2017 - normal
MERLONI WONDER VALENCIA d/b 29.10.2012 test HCM 01/06/2017 - normal
20/07/2016Cardiological examination:
ELLEGIYA DE LIZ PEGAS, d/b 01.09.2012 - test HCM 20/07/2016 - normal
09/07/2015Cardiological examination:

Merloni Chelsie - test HCM 09/07/2015 - normal
Merloni Tanzania - test HCM 09/07/2015 - normal
04/04/2015Our cat Merloni Saigon - BEST OF BEST on on WCA cat show.
03/04/2015Cardiological examination:

Merloni Saigon - test HCM 03/04/2015 - normal
Merloni Ultimo Rossy - test HCM 03/04/2015 - normal
13/03/2014Today our cats visited cardiologist:
Ellegiya De Liz Pegas - test HCM 13/03/2014 - normal
Merloni Busseta - test HCM 13/03/2014 - normal
Merloni Night Lavander - test HCM 13/03/2014 - normal
03/03/2014Today my three cats visited the cardiologist:

RU* Moon Pet X'Winnetou - test HCM 03/03/2014 - normal
Murashoff Viva La Vida - test HCM 03/03/2014 - normal
Merloni Wonder Valencia - test HCM 03/03/2014 - normal
10/11/2013Our kitten MERLONI FIDEL - BEST OF BEST KITTEN of this show!
29/09/2013Our kitten Merloni Chelsie - BEST OF BEST on cat's show AFC 28-29 of September.

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