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A lot of beautiful articles are written about Sphynx, giving clear understanding: Sphynx - already is not cat! As soon as do not name of the Sphynx, with whom only do not compare: "cat-orchid", "cat-shock", "moon cat", "cat with heart of dog", "cat from other planets".

Even in "Standard of breed Sphynx" there is place for emotion: "Sphynx - it is little kitten, little puppy, little monkey and little child in one hot bald little body" (from French standard).

It is all truth! I have certain experience in contact with the other cat's breeds and I can confirm: Sphynx does not look like the other cat. Sphynx are extremely intelligent cats with very individual personality. Sphynx – it is lump wad of tenderness and devotion.

All sphynxes are certain that they live only to decorate the life of people. Sphynx is ready to follow its master always and around. Sphynx not have whim and aggressions. Sphynx is strangely communicative, very curious, extraordinary clever and absolutely not touchy. They have very expressive look. Sphynx stare at you attentively when you speak and try to respond to your words. Sphynx are gentle and sweet, very social and easily accept other animals, including dogs. This cats love contact with humans and enjoy physical contact with them. They love to sleep in your lap or your bed cuddled under the blanket. Sphynx are very attentive and curious creatures react quickly to the environment and constantly purring to express their reaction to it. These qualities do Sphynx great friend for human.

And often from their own buyers I heard such word: "Our kitten is a miracle!". I think it is very correct name of the Sphynx. Sphynx it is miracle in the cat's world. And if you once bring him in your house, you will understand that it is exactly that you needs and don't leave with him never!

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