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Name: vicente miguel
City: miami
Web-site URL: http://not yet
Message text:
(2008-06-30 17:21:03)
hello Irena I sent a message yesterday night about the kitten available Merloni Yuvelina or Yumicka (red and white ) . I don't know if hers are available yet . I will like buy one .My english is no good but I wanna Try . I'am from VENEZUELA but I live in miami for 9 years . I'am veterinarian but I work here like pet groomers my cell phone is 3053056706. I wanna speak with you but I dont know Where are you now in Rusian or Canada .thank a lot Vicente Miguel
Name: Ingelin
Message text:
(2008-05-02 12:17:48)
I just loved your cat's!
I wondered if I could have a sphhynx,
even if i'm allergic to cat's?
I love cat's, but its a problem since I can't even touch them without getting allergic reactions.
And I wodered if I could barrow some of the pictures to a website called ..? (:
Name: Liz
City: Middleton
Message text:
(2008-01-17 05:28:04)
Beautiful cats.
My girls loved the site.
Name: Natasja
City: Netherlands
Web-site URL:
Message text:
(2007-10-24 03:04:52)
Great cats!
I love the Sphynxs,but we don't have one yet!
maybe in the future!

Kind regards,
Name: angie belland
City: edmonton
Message text:
(2007-07-02 04:45:40)
please call me. I want a kitten as soon as they are ready!
1-780-908-8511 or 1-780-651-8869
Name: Kitta
City: Finland
Web-site URL:
Message text:
(2007-04-14 04:41:41)
You have just gorgerous kittens at the moment.
I have been in love with this wonderful breed for almost half year and waiting a day when I can have my own sphynx ;-)
Good luck with your breeding!
Name: Kristopher Wells
City: Somerset
Web-site URL:
Message text:
(2007-03-31 03:49:40)
Congrats on your breeding program. You have some beautiful babies.
Name: Kathy
City: Antwerp in Belgium
Web-site URL:
Message text:
(2007-01-27 11:31:12)

I discovered your website and beautiful Sphynxes yesterday and had another look today. You have quite an interesting cattery, with lots of different colours. I'm a bit of a chocoholic, so I like your Nikol De'Grace best ;) but your Chloya is very nice, too, I think. I'd like to invite you to take a look at my fairly new website and maybe we can keep in contact from time to time?
Good luck with your Sphynxes and I wish you a lot of happy future kittens!
Kindest regards,

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